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Hacettepe Technology R&D Center, Hacettepe TARGEM, has two focus fields within the technology R&D and related social/ commercial activities of our company: (1) ELECTRIC VEHICLEs for personel mobility and commercial transportation and related autmotive components, (2) civil-use multi-purpose UNMANNED AERIAL VEHICLEs and related aviation systems.

The mission of our enterprise is to transform the technology R&D into social and economic value added solutions and to offer the R&D outputs as usable innovations with solid and multiple benefits for the use of humanity. On this basis, our vision is to be a global R&D and innovation center that has a focus on environment-friendly mobility and transportation technologies for the sake of maintaning a sustainable and environment-friendly civilization.

Our enterprise is a young entity established in October 2013. Thanks to the qualified engineers and senior team leads coming from different sectors and having years of experience, a high accumulation of intellectual capital is a valuable asset for such a spin-off. However, Hacettepe TARGEM is not just limited with the FTE R&D human resources thanks to being in an academic and technology ecosystem of universities and technopolis companies. Regarding this, we have the capability of establishing new collaborations and joint R&D projects with other technology firms and academicians.

Considering our relation with highly skilled people, our business approach is not limited to the maximum profitability but enlarged with “sharing information” and “serving society” through developing an ecosystem with students, academicians, consultants and firms. We are determined to sustain such an approach as a competitive advantage of such an R&D entity.

Hacettepe TARGEM is carrying on its studies, investments and ventures in order to produce value added for the global community and to contribute to the world of tomorrow. To do so, it has its own unique R&D, engineering and design projects which are partially financed by the state R&D funds but in addition, it has collaborations and strategic partnerships with several entities for joint R&D and turn-key solutions within the fields of electric vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles.